Mir Protocol

A scalable protocol for succinctly verifiable computation.

Mir is a cryptocurrency platform which supports arbitrary computations. Rather than verifying a block by reexecuting each computation contained in it, Mir uses succinct arguments to prove the correctness of each state transition.


Mir's blockchain state can be fully verified in constant time, no matter how many smart contracts are involved and what they're doing.


With its exponential sharding architecture, Mir can support an enormous number of lightweight shards, and a virtually unlimited transaction volume.


Mir uses a novel BFT consensus algorithm to finalize transactions with subsecond latency, making it great for real world payments.


At its core, Mir is a sidechain architecture. Sidechains can fill in any gaps in Mir's core feature set, so anything is possible.

The team

Brendan Farmer

Brendan was part of the founding team of an acquired startup, and then studied math at the undergrad/grad levels as an A.B. Duke Scholar.

Daniel Lubarov

Daniel Lubarov

Daniel came from Google, where he worked on Glass and Pixel Buds. Prior to that, he worked at Square where he built scalable and fault tolerant payment systems. He studied computer science at Harvey Mudd.

Stay tuned

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