Applied Cryptography Engineer

We're looking for engineers to work alongside us to build the first blockchain for decentralized applications where transactions are verified with zero-knowledge proofs.

In the past, this has been impractical, either because of trusted setup requirements, slow prover times, or large proof sizes. However, recent academic breakthroughs have made systems like ours practical.

We are working on two major projects in applied cryptography: implementing a kernel that is expressive enough to support a wide range of decentralized applications, and building a recursive SNARK architecture that can verify large numbers of transactions with a single proof.

A key challenge here is making recursive arguments practical, which can be done with better argument systems (theory), better verification circuits (engineering), or faster prover implementations (low-level optimization). If any of these challenges are interesting to you, we'd love to talk!

There are no hard requirements, but we're looking for background in some of the following:


Please send a brief intro and your CV to [email protected].