Mir is a community-driven platform.

Our mission is to return power to users on the Internet. We're building a platform that allows anyone to transact, communicate, and build at Internet scale, free from gatekeepers, rent-seekers, and middlemen.

Mir is not a company. It's a global community of builders, users, and validators. You can join us as an open-source contributor on GitHub, as a developer building decentralized applications on Mir, or as a validator working to secure the platform. If you're interested, please email [email protected].

If you'd like to work on Mir full-time, consider joining Predicate Labs, the company formed to help develop and maintain Mir. It's backed by the top investors in the space, including Polychain Capital, and employees come from Google, Square, and graduate math and cryptography programs. Predicate Labs offers top-of-market compensation and benefits.

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