SDK Engineer

We're looking for SDK engineers to work alongside us to to build the first blockchain for decentralized applications where transactions are verified with zero-knowledge proofs.

A problem with this approach is that using a SNARK to verify the execution of a VM is tremendously inefficient. Therefore, we have to make it easy to compile applications directly to arithmetic circuits.

Arithmetic circuits aren't very complicated, but the surrounding tooling and ecosystem is immature and only accessible to a small number of developers.

We're looking for an SDK engineer to help us improve our library that we've released as open source, and make it easier to deploy applications to Mir specifically, by writing libraries that are specifically tailored to our kernel.

This role involves writing primitives or building blocks, like signature or hash function implementations, that are optimized for arithmetic circuits, and adding layers of abstraction to make Mir accessible to more and more developers.

There are no hard requirements, but we're looking for background in some of the following:


Please send a brief intro and your CV to [email protected].